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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 16, 2021

This week on A Tale of Two Hygienists TIPisode we are joined by Pediatric Dentist, Dr.Jeannette MacLean to talk to us about the expanding MI Paste line from GC America.


Episode Highlights


  • What is MI Paste?
  • Recaldent 
  • Using MI Paste in Your Practice
  • Pediatric Patients
  • Teen Patients
  • MI Paste Plus
  • Hypersensitivity 
  • MI Paste One
  • MI Paste Kids



“MI paste is actually a topical tooth cream that contains recaldent.” 


“It’s nice to have an alternative to offer parents who are leery of fluoride.” 


“It tastes good, it's a mild flavor so compliance is good.” 


“In the process of doing that you are going to hyper mineralize the outer surface of the enamel.” 


“As it hyper mineralizes it can sometimes stain.”


“I have had success with this Etch MI Paste technique.” 


“Switching to MI Paste there was a noticeable difference in my sensitivity.” 

“You can clean and protect teeth with MI Paste One.” 


“The cotton candy flavor tastes like real cotton candy.” 



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