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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Oct 30, 2020

This week on A Tale of Two Hygienists TIPisode we are sharing a conversation between Rolando Mia, Dr. Thomas Hirsch and Laura Murphy, RDH about what Dr. Hirsch and Laura love about the Isolite System from Zyris! 
Episode Highlights
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Quadrant dentistry 
  • Benefits to clinician and patient
  • Mouthpiece sizing
“I feel much more confident with using it during this time, with the aerosols.”
“Tell your patients about it, explain why you are using it, show it to them, because they are not used to it either.”
“It affords me a level of confidence with my safety and my patients safety in the era of Covid-19.”
“It gives me more time to use my mirror, and makes it easier to visualize all the aspects of the tooth.”
“It makes it a lot more sanitary and comfortable for the patient.”
“It helps my hygiene appointments go more smoothly, and the patients like it because they don’t need to worry about the water pooling.”
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