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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 5, 2022

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On this bonus episode we are joined by Dr. Mark Cannon. Dr. Cannon talks to Andrew, and guest co-host Machell Hudson about Xylitol and its use as a prebiotic. We have heard some of the benefits of xylitol in the past but Dr. Cannon opens our eyes to just how many ways xylitol can be used to improve our health. Big thank you to Xlear, makers of the amazing Spry Dental Defense System line of products for making this interview with Dr. Cannon possible!

Dr. Cannon is the Research Coordinator of the Dental Division of Ann and Robert Lurie Children's Hospital and is actively involved in the development of new biomaterials, with a special emphasis on bioactivity of materials in the pediatric patient.

Episode Highlights

  • Xylitol is a prebiotic
  • Cruise ship analogy 
  • Xylitol - The first step
  • Xylitol and cancer research
  • Xylitol and nasal health
  • Xylitol and skin health
  • Dr. Cannons close call in his Dodge Charger 
  • Xylitol in an IV 
  • Fluoride+Xylitol study (Bad research)
  • Early childhood caries 
  • The triad 
  • Getting good (research backed) Xylitol 



 “Prebiotic are part of your diet, your intake that affects all of your bacteria.” 

“Now our body produces 15 grams of xylitol per day through 3 major pathways.

“Vitamin C becomes xylitol.” 

 “Xylitol is a first step of energy production for mitochondria.” 

“Xylitol is so important right now in cancer research, we are looking at how it modulates, we know that it inhibits all cancer cell lines.” 

“I hope in 2 or 3 years we will see xylitol in all cancer treatments.” 

“Xylitol is beautiful, it blocks the growth of many of the bad bacteria, period.”

“A shocking fact, the skin is part of the body, just like we learned the mouth is part of the body.” 

“Alzheimer's starts in your 20’s because of periodontal disease.” 

“How do you get those little tiny brushes inside the cells?”

“In a lot of countries they have xylitol IV solutions.” 

“It was the fluoride that didn’t work in the group.”

“When you see a child with early childhood caries they are already marked for a life full of issues.”

“In the children with early childhood caries, you need to work on airway, then diet, then fight the dysbiosis and hit them with lots of xylitol.”

“We are better because of Dr. Mark Cannon.” 

“Not any xylitol will work, you need to use products that are researched.” 

“In the mouth you want 10-20% xylitol, on the skin 1-5% is fine.”

“We use Spry products in my office.” 


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