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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

On this A Tale of Two Hygienists Bonus episode we are joined by Beth Jordan RDH, MS - Global Professional and Scientific Relations Manager for Crest + Oral-B to talk about toothpaste! We are diving into the ingredients, what they mean, what our patients need, and how to have the conversations about home-care with them to increase compliance! 
Episode Highlights
  • Toothpaste - Do we need it?
  • Toothpaste Technology 
  • Toothpaste is not all the same
  • Ingredients - What they are and What they do
  • Stannous Fluoride 
  • RDA - Radioactive Dentin Abrasively 
  • Prescribing for to your patients 
“Believe it or not, toothpaste technology changed too” 
“The foundation of good oral health is biofilm control” 
“Patients are not always great at mechanical biofilm control… there is toothpaste technology now that treats the biofilm left behind” 
“It's hard to move the needle when we play old tapes” 
“As Dental Professionals when we pick up that tube of toothpaste it is important that we know what the ingredients are, and what they do”
“You cannot ignore the user experience” 
“Compliance is the name of the game in dental hygiene” 
“These receptors look for invaders and trigger our bodies inflammatory response” 
“The trick is to bind to make it stable, but release it to make it bio-available” 
“There is a lot of chemistry that goes into toothpaste” 
“You have _____, I am recommending ____ toothpaste for your home-care to help treat that” 
“I am prescribing this style of toothbrush, interdental brush, toothpaste because of XYZ”
“The language and words we use are so important when talking to patients” 
“Despite their best efforts plaque will be left behind so recommend a highly bio-available stannous fluoride toothpaste"
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Instagram Handle: @CrestOralBPro
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