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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Aug 25, 2018

Interview starts around 22:00

Kate Crouse and Sandra Calderon from Team Placement join us at RDH Under One Roof 2018! Team Placement Services helps hygienists and offices find each other. There can be long-term contracts or temporary placement depending on availability. Listen to this episode and hear EVERYTHING they...

Aug 18, 2018

133 Amanda Gallie - President of the British Association of Dental Therapists (Pt 2)

Interview starts around 5:15

In this part 2 we continue our conversation with Amanda. We learn more about the construct of the therapists and their associations. Again, amazing information and we are so excited that she was able to be...

Aug 13, 2018


Angelica hosts a short-format seasonal podcast that gives the audience so much content in digestible, bite-sized episodes! Angelica is a practicing hygienist and wants to help others fulfill their potential in our profession. Show your support by checking out season 1!

Check out her...

Aug 10, 2018

132 Amanda Gallie - President of the British Association of Dental Therapists (Pt 1)

Interview starts around 8:30

In this episode we breakdown the terminology differences between the US and in the UK. We discuss scopes of practice and educational differences. This whole episode is intended to bring us together and help...

Aug 7, 2018

Here are the important things you need to know about this mission trip:

1) Dominican Republic - you will need a passport
2) $350 is YOUR WHOLE COMMITMENT - we will shoulder the rest!
3) October 13-19th 2018
4) Its hard work and you are expected to carry your own weight
5) Diet will consist of Dominican Fare and no...