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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

Clear aligner therapy has allowed orthodontists and patients alike to straighten teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing way than braces—but how are these aligner trays sculpted and made and have there been recent improvements you should know about? Andrew and Michelle had the opportunity to speak with Ren Menon of OrthoFX, a company specializing in custom-molded and -printed teeth alignment trays, as well as two dental professionals who create the scans these products are crafted from.


Ren Menon is the co-founder and CEO of OrthoFX and the former head of global project management for Invisalign. Maia Berger, DDS, works for Coliseum Dental in Midtown Manhattan and helped introduce the 3D scanner used to design trays like those produced by OrthoFX. Kristy Kung has been a hygienist for 8 years and has been working with Dr. Berger at Coliseum Dental.


In this episode, Ren discusses OrthoFX’s guiding principles as well as his history working with aligners, while Kristy and Dr. Berger explain how they onboard and treat new OrthoFX customers.





Interview starts: 6:08


- Ren elaborates on the personal connections that allow OrthoFX to stand out from its competitors.


- Delving into the history of clear aligner therapy, Ren’s history in this industry, and why he sees himself as a “cross-pollinator.”


- How are clear aligners made and how do they work?


- Ren lays out OrthoFX’s four founding principles.


- Which patients would aligners NOT be a good fit for?


- Kristy and Maia share how their orthodontic experiences led them to seek out dental careers.


- Breaking down how the OrthoFX “tryout kit” works.


- Why patients should ensure their teeth are properly treated before starting in on alignment.





“We are on track to being in 500 locations in the US by Q1 of 2020.”


“I like technology but I like people better.”


“We take a lifetime approach to care.”


“We work with the providers, not against them.”


“There’s enough social awareness that this alignment of teeth can be done at any age.”


“Think about that long term; don’t think about a quick fix just right now.”


“Be humble about who you are when you talk to patients.”



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