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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jun 17, 2020

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Michelle continues to indulge her love for and fascination with all things perio by interviewing a fellow hygienist who’s trained on advanced periodontal tools that Michelle only wishes she could get her hands on.


Amber Auger, RDH, is a speaker, professional coach and clinical trainer based in the Greater Boston Area. Apart from her comprehensive periodontal knowledge, Amber also has extensive experience using and training professionals on laser tools for the purposes of periodontal treatment.


In this episode, Amber discusses the advantages of nuances of using lasers, explains where we can really make a significant change for both patients and professionals, and reveals why she’s excited for the next ten years.





Interview starts: 7:49


- Amber takes us through her journey as a dental hygienist and discusses her experience with lasers.


- How exactly are lasers used to treat periodontal disease?


- Why you really need to take your time while probing.


- The reason Amber establishes a personal connection with her patients before starting in on the serious questions.


- What patients can do to test themselves for periodontal issues.


- Why Amber and her colleagues implement a probiotic rather than antibiotic protocol for patients after laser treatment.


- The trials and tribulations of convincing patients to use water picks. 






“It has been an absolutely amazing journey to dental hygiene.”


“When I’m chatting with my patient and I’m sitting them down and reviewing their medical history, I take the time to sit and listen.”


“When you’re taking the time to empower them and educate them on a higher level, you’re gonna have compliance through the roof as well as patients who follow you.”


“We are met with opportunities as we think we are worthy of them.”


“We need to be insurance-aware but not dictated by insurance.”




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