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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

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It’s been a long time in the works, but Andrew and Michelle finally get to welcome someone to the show today that so many listeners have been requesting – the amazing Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP. With a remarkably successful corporate healthcare speaking career under marketing, sales, and education spanning 30 years, Lisa is a veritable fountain of information, experience, and advice. Her current focus is on the generational communication aspect of dentistry, a critical component in practices these days, and she shares her IRONMAN principles regarding this communication with listeners here today.

In this episode, Lisa shares some of her background and experience, explains generational communication, and walks through her IRONMAN principles of business communication. She also discusses teledentistry, one of COVID’s silver linings, connecting communication and money, getting team members participating, and highlighting the positives about practices. She finishes up by promoting some ways to get IRONMAN started in practices and introducing her upcoming ‘Dental Teams Unite’ initiative.



Interview starts: 13:10


-   Lisa’s background

-   Generational communication

-   Lisa’s Iron Man experiences and training

-   The Iron Man principles of business communication

-   Teledentistry

-   One silver lining of COVID

-   Connecting communication and money

-   Getting team members to participate in communication strategies

-   Highlighting positives about your practice

-   Getting IRONMAN started in your practice

-   Dental Teams Unite




“People are just little plague rats in my life, and I want to stay away from them.”


“I put a really heavy, heavy emphasis on generational communication now, because there's so much friction with four or even five generations working in the workforce.”


“The youngest generation coming to the workforce is Gen Z, and they are, you know, they've been bookended. They had the great recession, and now they're living through COVID.”


“People evaluate 11 things about you, in seven seconds.”


“Start just walking through your office as if you were a new patient coming into your practice.”


“Relationships are the cornerstone of every business.”


“If you're actively listening, you're listening with all of your senses, and you're really taking in what the person is trying to communicate to you, and not thinking about your answer immediately.”


“It's all teachable to people but some people are just naturally good at it. And some people have to really work at it.”


“We have to look at their wants first and then focus on their needs.”


“I would love to say that our hygienists are really good at including whatever their main concern is, or whatever the thing that they want. But it ends up being just an item on a treatment plan rather than a relationship.”


“Give people the opportunity to cross train, and also be leaders of different points.”


“Give them a call to action so they know what's next, what's coming up, and what's, you know, in their future.”


“You have to have processes and protocols in place for that seamless handoff and follow up.”


“Teledentistry has really closed the gap in a lot of the communication gaps that have occurred.”


“Are you telling me that we don't adopt research and evidence based practices in a timely manner?”


“Once you get that team firing on all cylinders, it is such a beautiful thing.”


“I don't think we use the reception area, the waiting area, enough for acknowledgement and patient education.”





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