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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

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On this episode of A Tale of Two Hygienists Michelle talks with repeat guest and fan favorite, the amazing Dr. Uche Odiatu! Dr. Odiatu talks to us about setting intentions for 2022 and finishing out 2021 strong! 

This episode does not count for CE Credit but many of our others do. Special thank you to Paradise Dental Technologies for sponsoring the CE portion of our podcast so that we can provide you with the FREE CE! Be sure to view your state guidelines to ensure this CE is applicable in your State. You can view all episodes with Free CE here. 

Interview Starts: 12:17.563

Episode Highlights

  • Raising expectations
  • Tuning in
  • Get out of your own head
  • Master moderation
  • Dedicate your real estate 
  • Progress not perfection 




“Only 1 in 6 people maintain weight loss after 6 months.” 


“It’s really hard to work against your expectation.” 


“Grieving puts your body into fight or flight.” 


“Physical health without acknowledging mental health, it can’t be.”


“The body is a report card for your thoughts and feelings.” 


“Nerves that fire together, wire together.” 


“Dedicate space to wellness.” 


“The more you cook your meals, the more you control the meals.” 


“Perfection means you can never celebrate because it's never complete.” 


“Done is better than perfect, just get started.” 



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