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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Feb 16, 2018

We know the title sounds boring, but this is one of those episodes where, when we retire and look back on our lives, we will know we did right by so many people because of this episode. Its that good. Thank you to our guest co-host (again!!) Sarah Thiel from CE Zoom for all the amazing input and comments. She has a unique perspective that Sharon played off of well!

Interview starts at minute 15

Look, we could give you some amazing show notes here, but it really wouldn’t do it justice. Sharon is awesome, the interview is awesome and she really makes stats fun and interesting. Its really important to learn how board exams work and take your biases out of the equation when it comes to talking about regional testing agencies.

“You can’t accidentally do well” on board exams - Sharon Osborn Popp

Storytime -

THIS EPISODE IS CE WORTHY - but read the disclaimer below as it might not count for your state.

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