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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jun 2, 2017

 DISCLAIMER: Please note that Michelle and Andrew are amateurs and this information is new to the both of them. There are plenty of missteps throughout this interview. We hope that this can be a learning session for everyone, and that we can all continue to work together to be kind to one another.

Andrew and Cassandra grew up together and Cassandra is a member of the Trans community.

We discussed “Dead Naming” and name selection

We discuss her childhood and when she felt “wonkadoodle”

We talk about body issues and high school

We continue through her first 4 years of undergrad at University of Washington (U-Dub) and then follow her to Law School at LSU!

She explains about buying hormones online and how that’s not safe and unrelated health issues.

When people make mistakes with their words towards a transgender person, how much grace is given or should be expected?

Which words or phrases should be avoided at all costs?

What are some dental considerations we need to be aware of?


We discover new terms!!!


If you have questions for Cassandra, PM us on Facebook and we will pass the question along and get back to you!