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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Oct 27, 2017

Frances and Andrew met a few years ago during a mission/ce trip in Guatemala and have been friends since! We welcome her to the podcast and discuss, among other things…

- We talk about how to find jobs in hygiene

- her work with Acteon

  • How hygienists accept in office training
  • Piezo units
  • Perioscopes
  • Emdogain is discussed again for off label use!
  • Edie jumps in 10 minutes into the interview!!
  • We talked about Frances owning her own practice and the different states she has worked in
  • Why she went to Guatemala in the first place and a little of her experience there
  • How other people are stronger than Americans
  • Papoosing children
  • How to charge to insurance or patient portions in her own practice?
  • How did the patient get referred to her practice?
  • Was she supported in the community?