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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

May 20, 2020

Continuing A Tale of Two Hygienists’ latest series, Michelle and Andrew have brought on a guest who knows firsthand that clear and empathetic communication is essential to increasing case acceptance, especially when it comes to discussing implants.

Miranda Beeson is a hygienist based in Virginia Beach who specializes in implant care coordination. Miranda is too familiar with the unfortunate way dental hygienists and other professionals can “buff out” the clinical side of their knowledge base without investing enough time in communication and business.

In this episode, Miranda impresses the importance of communication in dental hygiene work, compares and contrasts the language you should and shouldn’t use when discussing implant procedures, and lays out her guide for getting off on the right foot with a patient. As well, Andrew and Michelle shine a light on a five star review one of their listeners gave the show on Apple Podcasts!


Interview starts: 9:28

- Miranda discusses her transition from hands-on clinical work to an implant care coordination role.

- The moment Miranda realized how essential communication—especially wording— is to hygiene work.

- The key difference between “inward” and “outward” mindsets.

- On asking the right questions to know what temperament patient you’re dealing with.

- Miranda walks us through the steps she takes discussing implant planning, procedure and care with patients.

- Some essential words and phrases for clearly communicating with your patients while still keeping them at ease.




“I wanted to have like a solid decade of clinical hygiene under my belt before I really transitioned out of it.”

“If you just flip that mindset to make it more about them than about you, that’s where it all really begins.”

“Ask more and talk less.”

“Cost is a barrier that’s thrown out there I think far more than it truly is the barrier.”

“I’m carrying that weight as your liaison just as much as I should be.”



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