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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Aug 16, 2021

On this week’s episode of Fast Facts - Perio Edition with your host, Katrina Sanders, RDH there's a fungus among us, we're looking at patients that present with some type of an inflammatory condition due to fungal origin. 




 “Histoplasmosis is actually an interesting infection that's acquired via the lungs via the respiratory tract due to inhalation of infected bat droppings.”


“Now, what we're starting to find is that patients that present with linear gingiva erythema may have this associated with an HIV infection, but even more so, we're starting to see a resolution of linear gingival erythema not only associated with being placed on an antiretroviral if an HIV diagnosis is found, but also placing the patient on an antifungal for high level therapy.”





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