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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 22, 2022

On this TIPisode we are joined by conference junkee, Jennifer Stanley, RDH for a live recording at RDH Under One Roof! Jennifer talks to us about the reasons you need to be attending conferences in person and the value it provides to us as clinicians.

Episode Highlights

  • Guest Hygienist 
  • Gadget Girl RDH 
  • Value of In-Person Conferences
  • Networking
  • Introverts don’t be afraid!
  • SWAG




“I joke that I am a complete dental nerd and conference junkee.” 


“There is nothing like the energy of a dental conference.” 


“You get to learn new products and see what is out there and find what makes you passionate within the career of dental hygiene.” 


“The world isn't going to change for you working in your one little room in your one little op.” 


“Your mind naturally opens, the energy and positivity is infectious.” 


“If you want to have a long career you need to look at saddle stools, and devices that assist with aerosol management.” 



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