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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

May 26, 2021

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and so Michelle has invited two experts in this area to join her for a discussion regarding managing your mind with patients and co-workers. Machele Galloway is a certified time and mind management coach who has appeared on the podcast before and is the founder of Lifeleap Coaching, LLC. In her work, Machele helps clients, including Michelle, with such aspects of their lives as time management and identifying unhealthy thought patterns so that they can create lives with which they are obsessed. New to the podcast is Kandice Swarthout, MS, RDH, LPC, a dental hygienist and Licensed Professional Counselor who delivers live continuing education courses. She has spoken at multiple Texas Dental Hygiene Association component continuing education events, Southwest Dental Conference, Last Friday CE for Professional Counselors, and various study clubs. Kandice is a faculty member at Collin College, and a contributing author to RDH Magazine among other publications.


In today’s episode, Michelle and her guests review their own therapy experiences, and look at such topics as projection and personal responsibility, asking for support, stress management, and the need for hygienists to advocate for themselves. They also discuss potential ‘deal breakers’ in working conditions, managing your mind and soul, motivational interviewing, our ‘stories’ and our ’12 year old selves’, and conclude by offering tips for listeners and ideas on how to navigate social media forums.




Interview starts: 16:09



  •   Michelle, Machele, and Kandice’s own therapy experiences
  •   Projection and personal responsibility
  •   Our ‘stories’ and our ’12 year old self’
  •   Asking for support
  •   Stress management
  •   Hygienists advocating for themselves
  •   ‘Deal breakers’
  •   Amber Auger’s ‘Thrive in the Op’ program
  •   Managing our minds and our souls
  •   ‘Check yourself before you wreck yourself’ breaks
  •   Motivational interviewing
  •   Moving past our ‘stories’ to better understand the reality of situations
  •   Tips regarding managing your mind for both beginners and more experienced listeners
  •   Navigating social media forums in a healthy way
  •   Taking ownership





“Don’t trust a therapist that doesn’t have a therapist.”


“I was a hot mess in my 20’s.”


“We talk a lot about bringing our child self into adult relationships.”


“We’re doing adult things on the outside, but are we doing adult things on the inside?”


“Is this a fact or is this your story? And 95% of your pain comes from your story.”


“There’s got to be that balance outside, if you’re going to take on and choose to stay in a very, very busy or really, honestly, unreasonable situation like that.”


“You’re not going to destroy me mentally and physically for the sake of your practice building.”


“This is not personal.”


“Ground, feel, breath.”


“I won’t take that on, I’ll just meet them where they are.”


“It shifts that responsibility off of you.”


“We always assume someone else’s action is taken because of their thoughts about us.”


“The shit goes bad real fast.”


“If you don’t have a healthy mind, you don’t have a healthy body in a lot of ways.”


“A lot of times we’re wrong about all of the thoughts we have that are causing us pain.”


“Be patient with yourself.”


“I really protect my energy.”


“Is the tax you’re paying worth the return you’re getting?”


“You really can piss a lot of your life away waiting for other people to change.”


“You have to make the step and it’s not always easy.”





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