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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jun 13, 2016

In this episode we do a TON of shout outs.. Among them are our new friends Ashley, Michele, Missy, Rachel, implied shout out to Edie even though we didnt say her name. Also a shout out to our future sponsors of the show and current sponsor

Andrew gets chastised for not bringing his "A game" yet again

We revisit the great perio debate and Missy sides with Andrew

Shout out to Ryan, Michelle's boyfriend for making her cover her face with sunglasses to reduce the ugly in the world. 

Shout out to Amber from my office who made me think more about skin cancer because I dont use sunscreen enough (ever)

Thanks to all of the listeners who came by to introduce themselves! We LOVE YOU!

We will be at Under One Roof for part 2.5 of the Great Perio Debate

Thanks to Sarah and Kat from CE Zoom for hanging out with us for most of the 30 hours Andrew was in town.