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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Nov 17, 2016

This episode barely grazed the surface of what these two amazing hygienists have to offer the world! Read below to learn more about them, or, better yet, just listen to the episode! We also have it on special authority that there is even more coming from them soon so stay tuned and we will give you updates when its official!!!

Making an ASK of ourselves

We are the next generation of leaders and getting out of your comfort zone

Being introverted Strengthsfinder 2.0

Accountability in friendships

How not to be a prima donna hygienist

Jasmine Haley

Jasmin serves as the President Elect of the Maryland Dental Hygienists’ Association and is a practicing public health dental hygienist, dental hygiene instructor, business owner, speaker and writer. She is the Founder of Beyond the Prophy LLC and Co-Founder of MOMGienists LLC. Jasmin's mission is to empower and inspire professionals to think beyond the prophy, provide the best patient-centered care, and explore career options that promote excellence.



Shavonne Healy

Shavonne is a registered dental hygienist specializing in implant care. She is dedicated to serving the profession of dental hygiene. Passionate about continuing education and leadership, she takes pride in not only educating her patients about the importance of a healthy mouth, but what it really means to be a dental hygienist. She believes that it is imperative for clinicians to conceive of themselves as oral health educators who specialize in disease prevention and health promotion. “Teeth scrappers” never! Her mission is to inspire the future of dental hygiene to be limitless and take charge of our roles in healthcare to break boundaries. Shavonne is the District of Columbia Dental Hygienists’ Association 2016-2017 President Elect.



CLARIFICATION from Jasmin - "Just to clarify, students do have to pay a low ADHA membership fee. However, when they transition from student to professional member it's free until December 31st. Also many constituents give free CE to students. The link for ADHA is"