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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Jul 17, 2017

Interview starts around minute 18

Olivia Wann founded Modern Practice Solutions, a compliance company specializing in the dental industry, in the year 2000. She travelled extensively throughout the country providing lectures, in-office consultations, and policy development. 

Olivia Wann has presented compliance programs to dental practices, study groups, seminars, schools and colleges in 50 states. Visit Modern Practice Solutions at

Olivia wrote HIPAA Compliance & Data Management, and OSHA Compliance & Safety Management as well as numerous articles published in leading dental industry journals such as Dental Economics.

Olivia lectures extensively on the topics of HIPAA Compliance, Human Resource Management, OSHA Compliance, Infection Control and Collections.
Olivia and her husband, Kevin, enjoy raising horses and ponies and spending time with their two dogs, Ruby and Lenny. Olivia also enjoys gardening, kick boxing and community projects.